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Birthdate:Sep 11
Random facts about me:

-- I don’t think it needs saying, but I love Alfie Allen xD Also adore Harry Lloyd, which is not that obvious I think *lol* And Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins, which should be quite obvious xD
-- I speak German, English, Japanese and very, very broken French (like 3-4 sentences). Also learned Latin, but can’t speak it.
-- Places I travelled to: Greece (when I was so little I can’t remember - but apparently I ran away from my parents, while we were in Athen x’D), Denmark, Netherlands, Austria, Swiss, Belgium, France, Spain, England, Malta, Dubai and Japan. I also lived on year in Japan, since I majored in Japanese Studies and could study one year at a partner university.
-- My first Fandom was Sailor Moon *lol* I used to be quite obsessed with Manga/Anime, but it cooled down quite a bit. Still very much in love with Neon Genesis Evangelion, Full Metal Alchemist and Death Note. I also consider Hetalia very cute and love UK *lol*
-- Second Fandom: Harry Potter! First Fandom, where I actually participated by writing crappy, cheesy slash fanfiction. Drarry at first, later more Snarry or Snape/Sirius I was quite alone with this xD or just Snape/anyone … As you can guess, Snape was my favourite character and I cried reading “The prince’s tale”
-- Next big Fandom was Johnny’s Entertainment and J-Dorama. I still have a weak spot for KAT-TUN, especially Ueda. Stanned that boy so much, that I spent a shitload of money to get to his solo concerts and bought concert goods like crazy *lols*
-- I can’t hit a single note to save my life, but I love going to japanese Karaoke - I can sing almost all Hetalie Character Image Songs, all Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood OPs, almost every KAT-TUN song, and I have to sing at least once “Zankoku na Tenshi no Thesis” and “Life is Like a Boat” (first Bleach ending and just a wonderful song, and it is such a Krakenbb song x’D) And Disney songs!
-- I love writing and hope to publish a novel one day - but first of all I should manage to finish a novel xD

Current Fandoms

-- A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones – HUGE Greyjoy-stan. And when I say I’m obsessed with Theon, then I mean it. I have Theon-Feels like every hour of every day. Also: all Lannisters, Brienne, Jon, Arya, Sansa, Sam and many more!
-- Doctor Who – so far I’ve only seen Nu!Who, but I want to start with Classic!Who – just… ~700 episodes are quite a lot to catch up with x’D Favourite Doctor: Eleven; Favourite companion: close tie between Donna and Rory :3
-- Supernatural - I basically love everyone, but Dean and Cas have a special little place in my heart!
-- Torchwood – Owen! Tosh! Ianto!
-- Sherlock
-- American Horror Story
-- Glee (I love the cast, I love the first two seasons, but season 3 was most of the time so awful it hurts. The music is great, though.)
-- Once upon a time
-- Sirens UK
-- Harry Potter
-- Lord of the Rings
-- Thor/Avengers/Iron Man

Currently watching

-- Community
-- Legend of the Seeker
-- Robin Hood

On my “to watch”-List

-- The Borgias
-- True Blood
-- The Vampire Diaries
-- Teen Wolf
-- Avatar – The Last Airbender & Korra (I saw perhaps 1/4 of ATLA with my younger sister, but totally out of order, never saw the beginning or the end and I can’t say more about it than “jklhasjhkfgdsf ZUKO!”)
-- The Walking Dead
-- Misfits

NOTE: Although I'm in trizillion fandoms, this blog is mostly about private stuff - and a lot venting & whining *lol*
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